Inspired by nature, JustBio develops healthy concepts that are validated scientifically to help you maintain a balanced lifestyle and prevent the development of chronic diseases.

 JustBio’s products are made with key natural ingredients (preferably organics) with proven health benefits. These include:

  • Botanical extracts from medicinal plants, found in the Nordic forest and used in herbal medicine
  • Superfruits of the Nordic forest such as blueberries and cranberries
  • Natural sweeteners such as maple syrup and stevia

JustBio also developed a novel process to extract steviol glycosides from stevia plant. Contact us to know more.



JustBio is proud to partner with sport events such as:

  • Défi Natation 2015
  • Triathlon Montmagny
  • Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie

We are also present at Global Health Forum such as Ma Santé Come assist at the  conference of Dr Chabot, the founder and CEO of JustBio on October 17, 2015.




Do you want to improve your endurance,  your power, and physical  performance at a marathon or a triathlon?

Do you feel stiffed after training? Do you want to improve your recovery from exercise ? Take JustENDURANCE+ daily during the entire period of your training, a clinically-proven

3-in-1 NATURAL formula (Energy-Recovery & Mental Focus) banned substance free!

You are a woman and you are looking for a caffeine-free  energy product conceived just for you? Improve your working capacity and vitality by raising and maintaining an overall balanced energy level with  JustÉNERGIE, a clinically-proven all-natural energy formula for active WOMEN.


Two formats are available for all our products: small shots (50ml) or tall bottles (500ml)

Silver and bronze medals with JustENDURANCE+ at Défi Natation 2015Silver and bronze medals with JustENDURANCE+ at Défi Natation 2015 Silver and bronze medals for two user of JustENDURANCE+ at Défi Natation 2015 (Berthier-sur-Mer, Québec)

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Staying healthy is a question of balance!

Get better at letting go and improve your adaptation capacity with natural health products of the JustADAPTÉ™ collection. These products can help you find a deeper sense of balance in order to improve your health and wellness. JustADAPTÉ products help you stay in touch with your homeostasis, the healthy state of equilibrium within you. They were developed by the founder and President of JustBio, Sophie Chabot Ph.D. (doctor in neuroscience, immunology, and mucosal biology), inspired by her research while she was at the HARVARD Medical School. JustADAPTÉ™ products were designed to promote a global mind-body response by acting via the GUT-BRAIN axis through epithelial TLR2  an evolutionary-conserved molecule that interacts with your gut microbiota and  known to be involved in innate immunity and homeostasis.

One single daily dose of JustADAPTÉ™ provides:

  • A concentrated synergistic blend that promotes homeostasis
  • A natural product with adaptogenic functions made with natural organic ingredients rich in polyphenols (200-400mg/dose), known to act as prebiotics to intestinal microbiota
  • A natural source of sustainable and renewable balanced energy that does not cause energetic crash and toxicity.
  • A daily dose of antioxidants to fight against damage from oxidative stress and to help prevent the development of chronic diseases
  • A refreshing functional drink with less than 100 calories
  • A healthy alternative to prescription drugs

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