JustBio has a special interest in maple syrup and stevia, a natural sweetener with zero calorie.

Nordic berries and botanical extracts from Nordic medicinal plants are the center of our scientific research.

JustBio's products target growing markets including natural health products, nutraceuticals, functional foods and sport nutrition. 



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JustBio promotes the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. We encourage the practice of healthy activities that contribute to a balanced living.


  • Innate immunity
  • Neuroscience
  • Mucosal biology
  • Metabolism & Energy
  • Cell Biology
  • Food science
  • Processes

JustBio inc. is a biotechnology company of Québec in Canada. JustBio is committed to designing novel sustainable strategies that promote the maintenance of health and wellness. JustBio’s product development methodology bridges ancient knowledge of herbal medicine with modern medical science.

JustBio is a young and dynamic company with an adventurous spririt.  We are always ready to take risks and we enjoy the outdoors.


 Contact us at info@justbio.ca

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