Empower yourself with nature!


By using natural healthy ingredients, JustBio contributes to the health and wellness of all.  We offer healthy nutritional solutions and alternatives to prescription drugs to help maintain a balanced living. JustBio carries out its own research to develop innovative concepts that are patented and that can be licenced out to strategic technical and commercial partners.




  • To promote a natural approach
  • To promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle 
  • To respect the environment and to promote sustainable development
  • To remain innovative      
  • To favor organic agriculture
  • To contribute to wellness and ensure evolution


JustBio is a biotechnology company located in the ''Centre de Développement Bioalimentaire du Québec'' of La Pocatière, where a laboratory equipped for pre-clinical research and a small-scale production facility are available. The scientific research program of JustBIO has global implications targeting mechanisms underlying international health concerns. Projects are designed to provide scientific evidence that will help consumers understand the impact of natural plant-derived products on their health. 



 Contact us at info@justbio.ca

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