From Harvard to Armagh… Sophie Chabot creates JustBio inc. The project was born in Armagh, a village in the region of Chaudière-Appalaches (Québec), where the family company producing maple syrup, Érablière Jean-Marie Chabot, is located. Sophie works in the basement of the little house she rents to start and coordonnate the R&D projects of JustBio.


A first patent on the organic extraction of stevia is filed.


JustBio moves to La Pocatière to carry out its own research. The scientific team of JustBio work in a pre-clinical research laboratory at the CDBQ


A second patent on functional formulations promoting homeostasis is filed.


From 2012-2014, Sophie works from home and gives birth to two beautiful girls!


The stevia extraction process patent is granted.  JustBio publishes its first  scientific article (Gauthier and Chabot, Int J Nutr Metabol, April 2014).


JustBio launches the products of  JustADAPTÉ collection through its online store.           


JustBio was awarded the Grand Price 2008 of the Quebec Entrepreneurship  Contest (CQE).

Picture below: Sophie Chabot with her parents, Jean-Marie Chabot and Marthe Fradette, to receive the CQE price.



JustBio's R&D projects have been possible because of the financial support from the:

  • National Research Council (NRC) of Canada
  • Canada Economic Development
  • Ministère de L'Économie, de l'Innovation et de l'Exportation (Québec)
  • Centre Local de Développement (CLD)

The founder


Sophie Chabot Ph.D. is a french canadian woman that was born and raised in the world of maple syrup. She has been studying, for more than 20 years, innate biological processes that contribute to the maintenance of health and wellness. Dr. Chabot founded JustBIO in 2008, upon her return to her native land, a project based on her life experiences and personal values to help contribute to society. 

In addition to her impressive network of international scientific collaborators, Dr. Chabot possesses an important network of influential business leaders. She has cultivated over the years, relationships with decision makers and business professionals of different fields.

From 2004 to 2008, she was a faculty member of the Harvard Medical School, where she was an instructor of Pediatrics in the division of GI Cell Biology & Nutrition at the Boston Children's Hospital. She is a world expert in mucosal immunity. She completed post-doctoral studies in infectious diseases (microbiology and immunology) in the McGill University medical faculty, and obtained her Ph.D at the Calgary University in neuroscience. This work has made her a world expert in neuroimmunology.

She possesses more than 18 years of R&D experience, as well as extensive experience in project management. Her productivity is demonstred by her publication portfolio. She is the author of 18 research articles, 2 book chapters, 19 abstracts and 2 patents. She has been a guest speaker in multiple international conferences and she received many grants/prices during her academic training, and has worked in eight different research centers in Canada, Colombia, Japan, Tanzania and the United States. She is also the co-founder of a non-profit organization, MAMA-Africa Foundation, founded in 2000.

Dedicated to contribute to the maintenance of health and wellness of all, Dr Chabot continues her work as a President and CEO of JustBio to ensure the development of sustainable natural health strategies.


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