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They provide a delicious functional drink. Try them as shots or add them in your shakes.


  • 1 dose of 50ml of JustADAPTÉ™
  • 100ml of cold water
  • ½ cup of greek yogurt
  • 1 frozen banana  (optional)


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Maintain a balanced life with JustADAPTÉ™, a natural solution to fight your stress and anxiety, to improve your endurance and increase your level of energy, or to keep your cardiovascular system healthy. JustADAPTÉ™ products are available in 2 formats on JustBio’s online store.  We offer  free shipping everywhere in Québec!

HOW TO USE JustADAPTÉ™: Drink 1 dose of 50 ml per day diluted into 250 ml of water and drink as a beverage. SERVE COLD. Take a daily dose of the product for an extended period of time (weeks) to notice the beneficial effects. Products are sold in boxes of 24 shots (50ml) or 2 tall bottles (500ml) . Keep refrigerated until its use. Take a your daily break with JustADAPTÉ™, a healthy alternative to sodas, hot caffeine-rich beverages and alcoolic drinks.

SUGGESTIONS: JustADAPTÉ™ products are liquid concentrates that can be taken as shots. You can even add them in your smoothies or other shakes.


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