This plant native from Paraguay is known to produce sweet glycosides (stevioside, rebaudiosides) found in stevia extracts, a natural sweeneter with zero calorie.

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Sophie Chabot working on the organic stevia project.


Organic stevia plantation in La Pocatière (2008).

The patented stevia extraction process that was developed by JustBio in collaboration with a competent team of engineers/chemists, has the following advantages:

  • organic certifiable
  • water extraction of total glycosides
  • uses electrocoagulation, a physical separation system that does not require the addition of chemicals
  • allows to obtain a stevia extract with a minimum of 95% total glycosides (stevioside, rebaudiosides)
  • a stevia extract without bitterness


Stevia formulations in combination with maple syrup, honey and agave have also been developed to add functionality to stevia-based diet products.


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